2 Days of amazing talent, interactive streams and digital vendors!
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Note: all listed times are in Pacific Standard Time.


Welcome to Preview night - Sponsored by FYE

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Virtual Pop Expo 2020 Launch

Virtual Pop Expo kicks off with exciting news, giveaways and a weekend full of great content.

10:00 am

 |  Hosted by:

Bernie Bregman @thegeekgatsby

ChatRoom with Tara Strong

Tara Strong, a few lucky fans

You’ve “herd” her as Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony, Dil Pickles in Rugrats, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. A true vocal powerhouse with 500+ acting and voice over credits, including Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Batwoman, and Poison Ivy! Don't miss our ChatRoom with Tara Strong!

10:15 am

 |  Hosted by:

Bernie Bregman @thegeekgatsby

Dan Fogler's 4dxperience

The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand and Cooper Andrews

5...4...3...2...5? What? That's not how it goes! Or is it? Find out when you join host Dan Fogler with The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand and Cooper Andrews on the Dan Fogler 4D Xperience Podcast LIVE, not dead, LIVE, here at Virtual Pop Expo! You don't want to miss the hilarity that is sure to ensue.

11:00 am

 |  Hosted by:

Dan Fogler

ChatRoom: Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Calling all Padawans, Resistance Fighters, and Star Wars fanatics! We have a Star Wars block of content for you on Saturday with Ashley Eckstein & Greg Grunberg - hosted by Bernie Bregman, Krystina Arielle, and Ro Sahebi, and sponsored by Hot Topic! You don't want to miss the updates, in-depth interviews, and behind the scenes fun.

12:00 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Bernie Bregman @thegeekgatsby, Ro Sahebi @thathashtagro

ChatRoom: Ashley Eckstein

Ashley Eckstein

Ahsoka Tano has become one of the most beloved Star Wars Clone Wars characters, with a Jedi battalion fanbase all her own - and of course, so does Ashley Eckstein, the amazing voice behind the Jedi Commander! Join us as we sit down with Ashley and talk all about Ahsoka Tano, Clone Wars, Rebels, her books, Her Universe/Hot Topic, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and her Mental Health Advocacy work!

1:00 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Bernie Bregman, Krystina Arielle

ChatRoom: Tanya Wexler

Tanya Wexler

Tanya Wexler, Director of Finding North (1998), Ball in the House (2001) , Hysteria (2011), and Buffaloed (2019) joins us Saturday for a one-on-one interview! We look forward to an in-depth discussion about Tanya directing the Legion M project, Girl With No Name!

2:00 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Jenny Stiven

Crunchyroll: State of the Anime Industry

Lauren Stevens & Adam Sheehan

Anime fans, we’ve got you! Crunchyroll, the world’s favorite destination for anime, is heading to Virtual Pop Expo to give you all the latest and greatest news in anime & manga. Join Crunchyroll events top dogs Adam Sheehan & Lauren Stevens, as they take you through what’s on the table right now to get you through the next few weeks of quarantine, and what’s cooking for summer and fall!

2:30 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Adam Sheehan

DC’s Arrowverse

Marc Guggenheim, James Bamford

Join hosts Jay Washington and Jessica Chancellor as they sit down with show-runner Marc Guggenheim and director James Bamford who've helped shape Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman! Discuss epic cross-over events, the future of the DC television universe and what legendary comic events that may yet unfold on screen!

3:40 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Co hosts Jay Washington @mrjaywashington and Jessica Chancellor @maidofmight

The Simpsons: Behind Closed Doors

Carolyn Omine, David Silverman, Matt Selman, Al Jean

Animated shows have a unique advantage in coping with the current crisis in producing new television. Go behind the scenes at THE SIMPSONS as cast and crew reveal how they’ve stayed safe and in production.

4:30 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Yeardley Smith

Virtual Pop Expo Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contest Judges: Ivy Doomkitty @ivydoomkitty, Hendo Art @hendoart, Cutiepie Sensei @cutiepiesensei, Kelton FX @KeltonFX - and our lucky finalists

Virtual Pop Expo called upon cosplayers all over the internet to give us their at-home cosplay. Tune in to see the incredible talent that's out there and who will win a Wacom One Tablet from our friends at Wacom!

5:30 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Bernie Bregman @thegeekgatsby

Thank you & Sign Off

Good night, We'll be back! Stick around for Auxxit Happy Hour and After Hours programming hosted by That Hashtag Show

6:15 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Bernie Bregman @thegeekgatsby



6:00pm - 8:00pm


Yael Tygiel, Joe Mallozzi, Gary Jones, Brian O'Halloran, Marilyn Ghigliotti, David Read

Join Virtual Pop Expo in our After Hours programming with That Hashtag Show!

6:30pm - 10:00pm  |  Hosted by: That Hashtag Show

Welcome to Day Two

Another Day full of excellent content, giveaways and convention memories is upon us here at Virtual Pop Expo

10:00 am

 |  Hosted by:

Bernie Bregman @thegeekgatsby

MuggleNet presents: Magic of The Wizarding World

Chris Rankin, Stanislav Yanevski, Tolga Safer

It wouldn't be a pop culture event without a little Potter magic! This panel from the number one wizarding world fansite will be sure to bewitch. Get your broomstick and Quaffle ready.

10:15 am

 |  Hosted by:

Kat Miller, Eric Scull

Sci-Fi TV You Know & Love

Joe Mallozzi, Gigi Edgley, Tamsen McDonough, Thom Allison

The backbone of so much programming - whether cable, broadcast, streaming, webisodes, your YouTube skits - is Science Fiction! We know it, you know it, and finally, the industry seems to know it! Some of the best and brightest from your favorite sci-fi shows AND new franchises join us to talk old school fun, current state of affairs, and where this all might be going.

11:00 am

 |  Hosted by:

Yael Tygiel

ChatRoom: Joe Mallozzi

Joe Mallozzi

Join our ChatRoom as Joe gives an interview to host Yael Tygiel where he'll take us on a wild journey through his career as a writer/creator/Executive Producer/Showrunner, his favorite sci-fi, how he is managing life in the time of COVID, and his thoughts on a future vision of the New world Order!

11:30 am

 |  Hosted by:

Yael Tygiel

Authors at Large!

Sam Maggs, Maurene Goo, Sarah Enni, Danielle Paige

Whether you are an aspiring author or just love to read, this is the panel for you! Best selling sci-fi, fantasy, and YA novelists Sam Maggs, Maurene Goo, Sarah Enni and Danielle Paige share their paths to publishing, their struggles, the literal tons of coffee consumed, and best of all, their love of the written word!

12:00 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Bonnie Burton

Superheroines & Superheroes Unite

Kendra Wells, DJ Kirkland, Megan Brown, Sarah Kuhn

Are you ready to let your creative cape fly? Join panel host, Sam Maggs, as she and some of her creative friends Sarah Kuhn, Megan Brown, Kendra Wells, and D.J. Kirkland discuss some of their creative challenges, their favorite comics to binge read, and how to keep the creative fires burning during this most surreal of times!

12:35 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Sam Maggs

Heavy Metal Comics - Comic Book Roundtable 2020: From Shops to Readers & More!

Joseph Illdege, David Erwin, Tim Seeley

Join the Heavy Metal Team as they talk about the future of comics, how COVID-19 has impacted the landscape and where genre-bending stories are moving in 2020.

1:05 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Matt Medney

Dark Horse Comics: Count Crowley

David Dastmalchian, Lukas Ketner (artist), Lauren Affe (Colorist), Megan Walker (Editor)

Booze, monsters, and a demotion at work? Count us in! Join creators David Dastmalchian, Lukas Ketner, Lauren Affe, and Megan Walker as they go in depth on the Dark Horse comic, Count Crowley. They’ll talk about all that’s deep, dark, and possibly creepy in this fun and spooky series. Come for the chills, stay for the thrills!

2:00 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Heavy Metal: Forging the future of genre

Dan Fogler, Brendan Columbus, Dylan Sprouse, George Romero Jr, Laurence Blum

A throbbing bassline, a screaming guitar riff, a pounding drum solo, and an epic comic story? Yes! Crank it up to 11, Virtual Pop Expo is bringing you some fresh and geeky heavy metal comic content at Heavy Metal: Forging the Future of Genre. Check out this panel of boundary-pushing talent, find out brand new info about the awesome projects they're working on, and don't forget to take notes.

2:55 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Matt Medney

Which Page to Turn?

Ming Chen. Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan, Bernard Chang, Philip Ashcroft

This Planetary Pandemic has pushed the pause button and allowed us to consider completely different ways of doing things – effectively, a global pushing of the reset button. Join folks who have been trailblazers in pop-culture, or pushed the reset button with major characters in the largest franchises, or have created something entirely new within realms we’ve known so well to see what can be gleaned in this Great Reimagining we’ve all been forced into. With a slate wiped clean, what are some creative directions we can begin the conversation on in this panel on a future of possibilities.

4:10 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Jonathan Tavss

The Landscape of Horror

Darren Bousman, Lloyd Kaufman, Spooky Dan Walker, LeeAnna Vamp

DeadMeat podcast sits down with Saw franchise Director Darren Bousman, Troma producer Lloyd Kaufman, director Spooky Dan Walker, and your best fiend, the Vamptress, LeeAnna Vamp to discuss the horror landscape and what's on the horizon for the genre.

4:40 pm

 |  Hosted by:

DeadMeat Podcast Hosts: James and Chelsea

Superhero Geek Therapy with Dr. Janina Scarlet

Dr. Janina Scarlet

Dr. Janina Scarlet is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, an award-winning author, and a full-time geek. Join us as she shares some mental health tips for today's modern Geek during this unprecedented time.

5:15 pm

 |  Hosted by:

Jenny Stiven



Join Virtual Pop Expo in our After Hours programming with That Hashtag Show!


Mike Rome, Noelle Foley, Drew Gulak

Join That Hashtag Show's wrestling team as they talk with NXT Champion Johnny Gargano, WWE Ring announcer and former 24/7 champ Mike Rome, WWE personality Noelle Foley, and WWE Superstar Drew Gulak about how pop culture has shaped and affected these wrestling stars in and out of the ring.

5:45pm  |  Hosted by: That Hashtag Show Wrestling team: John Pingel, Neesin Williams, and Jim Valasco

Lost Odyssey D&D Game

Talent: Rob Miller + Lead: Dungeon Master Stefan Pokorny, Players: TJ Storm and friends will be joining kids from Treehouse

From the far corners of the quarantined D&D multiverse, your favorite heroes band together once again for the finale of Lost Odyssey: Champions! Determined to help Treehouse, a program giving foster kids a childhood and a future, our champions call for your aid. Responding to the needs of youth in foster care during the COVID-19 pandemic, Treehouse is providing rent assistance, grocery gift cards, and access to laptops and cellphones so that youth and young adults in foster care can continue to persevere against the odds. Presented by GameStop, the Lost Odyssey: Champions finale features Dungeon Master Stefan Pokorny, joined by TJ Storm (Godzilla: King of the Monster) and friends!

6:30pm  |  Hosted by: David Baxter



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